Masuimi Max from Punk Rock Girlfriend

Welcome to the Punk Rock Playground of spiked heels, pierced nipples and broken hearts. Thanks in part to bitter ex-boyfriends who have stolen private photos of their exes, catch these tattooed angels at their most twisted! See blood-drenched glam shots of skinny-jean emo hos writhing on the kitchen floor. Torn wedding dresses and smeared mascara around smoke-ringed eyes. LOSE YOURSELF to the delightfully strange...
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Like what you see? And you haven't even scratched the surface of this seedy underbelly yet. Our whole slew of death-wish bitches have made it clear you're just another notch on their black studded leather belt! Don't let their precious emo pain go to waste. Our devilish roster of GENUINE alternative beauties and REAL emo darlings can't be found elsewhere. So, indulge because what doesn't kill you makes you stranger...

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